Our Values NEW

Our values


Easy Control

Remote control of any equipment through the simplest interaction with the unit. Make all of the system's technical capabilities available in an easy and effective way

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Save hours on alarm management by focusing only on any current critical conditions, thanks to alarm priority and filters. Reduce journeys on site with in-depth, remote technical analysis

Energy Savings

Reduce energy consumption by analyzing working conditions, identify and adopt the most virtuous consumption profiles to maximize the benefit

Unit Performance

Capture most critical data by monitoring the behaviour of machine components, their effective working hours, so to "measure" their reliability, predict the need of spare parts and develop new algorithms able to make unit's or plant's overall lifetime longer

Quality Improvement

Get reports on product quality by analyzing overall life cycle or individual critical components. Avoid malfunctions to maintain performance over time and retain the user thanks to the high quality perceived



Our numbers

Our pillars NEW

Our pillars

Thermodynamic expertise

We are part of a company that has been working as a technological partner in the HVAC/R business for 45 years, proposing innovative solutions. Our in-depth application expertise, our edge solutions and our services represent new added value in reaching system efficiency targets


We consider it essential to manage and minimise any risk relating to data management in terms of confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and availability of the processed information. As a result, all of our processes, from design through to system maintenance, are continuously monitored and enhanced to ensure our IoT solutions the highest levels of security


We believe in an open and protected IoT solution that brings together users, units and interconnected systems through secure field protocols and standard network interfaces. That’s why we invest in tools and architectures that allow edge systems to integrate data from every installed device, and cloud platforms to transfer data to third-party systems.


Our users NEW

Our users

Specific analytics and dedicated services are available for each customer’s profile. Each user optimizes his day-by-day activities and is more effective for reaching his targets. The perfect association between user expertise and services tailored to the application.

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