High efficiency management for residential heat pumps
Electronic expansion valves - ExV
The heat pump market is now growing faster, aided by carbon emission reduction goals and the availability of more renewable energy sources.
CO2 ready
Electronic expansion valves - ExV
CAREL offers complete solutions for optimum management of all refrigerant applications that use CO2 as the refrigerant.
"Everything for CO2 retail applications" compendium
Electronic expansion valves - ExV
The choice of the type of refrigerant and the type of system are fundamental in reducing emissions and protecting the environment.


  • General characteristics

    The Carel E4V electronic valve is designed to act as the expansion device on medium/high capacity chillers and air-conditioning systems, up to a cooling capacity of 280 kW.
    Reliability, wide control capacity, fluid flow in both directions: these three features are all ensured by the E4V expansion valve, satisfying the need for a high product quality combined with operating and installation versatility.
    The innovative characteristic of the E4V is the incorporated sight glass, used to monitor movement of the movable element and refrigerant flow inside the circuit. In addition, the valve is made from modular elements assembled during installation, to simplify maintenance and inspection of the components.

    The Carel product line includes the E4V-H HOT GAS version, available in two sizes, 85 and 95; this is suitable for high temperature applications, thanks to the innovative introduction of a movable element made entirely from composite material.






  • Application Note
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +4000022IT
    Description La valvola di espansione elettronica - una soluzione per ridurre le inefficienze energetiche all’avviamento
    Language ITA 
    Date 18/04/2013
    Release 1.0
  • Brochure
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    Code +3000021ZH
    Description 高效机组的集成解决方案
    Language CHI 
    Date 01/03/2010
    Release 1.0