• General characteristics

    pCOe is the I/O expansion card that offers users a good combination of inputs and outputs, both digital and analogue. 
  • Plus

    • DIN rail mounting (4 DIN)
    • 4 analogue inputs, 4 digital inputs, 1 analogue output and 4 digital outputs
    • 4 relays, all with changeover contacts
    • 24 Vac/Vdc digital inputs
    • 24 Vac/Vdc power supply
    • Integrated RS485 port
    • Modbus protocol support
    • c.Suite and 1tool libraries for rapid integration



  • Technical Leaflets
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +050003265
    Description pCOE: scheda espansione I/O PCOE****** 24Vac / I/O expansion board PCOE****** 24Vac
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 11/10/2017
    Release 1.6


  • High resolution images
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code PH17LPC301-pCOe
    Description pCOe-CAREL-Programmable Controls-I/O expansions
    Language ALL 
    Date 02/09/2021
    Release R.0