Marco Marzari

Marco Marzari graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Padova in 2017. He later joined Carel as a Product Specialist in the newly-established inverter and compressor platform. As a product specialist, he provides technical and commercial support to subsidiaries and shares Carel’s knowledge of inverter products. He is also actively involved in the latest inverter project, driving innovation and supporting all company areas in the optimisation of product flows, from R&D to delivery.
It’s a summer night. Your car’s clock shows it’s two in the morning. You feel relieved. A long weekend awaits, with nothing to think about except relaxing. Alongside you, the person you hold
Imagine a desert landscape, with vast clearings extending to the horizon. The earth is tinged a red copper colour, and all around there is oppressive silence among the steep rocky slopes, almost
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